Empty Road

We Moved!

Transplanting a small business like this one is always bittersweet. You all have made us so grateful to be a part of Washington's quickly morphing and growing gun culture. These last 2 years here with you has been overwhelmingly wonderful. If you have been a student of Deborah Defense, know that you've helped support out family, helped challenge me and grow me, and given us big beautiful and strong root system here. In some ways that has made it tougher to leave, but transplanting a tree successfully requires strong roots. 

Unfortunately, the time has come for us to take our leave. For many reasons, we have headed east for a new start. 

I will be back for other teaching engagements however, and if you'd like to hop on to my email list, I'm happy to let you know when that will be. There's a good chance I'll host a gun cleaning party or host an instructor course while I'm out on the west coast again.

Until then, pray for us, send us your happiest of thoughts, and may we meet again!

Katie Mac

Head Instructor, Deborah Defense