Things We Teach

Women's Concealed Carry Lifestyle 101

We get it. Come learn with other ladies who get it, too


We touch on all aspects of the conceal carry lifestyle, safety, and other considerations. With 4 hours of corporate classroom time, and 1 hour of private instruction on the range, this course is designed to meet you where you are at and help you take the next few steps.



This is more, different, better than the SC government standard.

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Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals

This in the USCCA's flagship course. Covering all aspects of self defense- from practical to emotional, physiological, and legal- this course will help you answer questions you may not have even known you had. 

Let us help you prepare your home. And after class, you may book one of our instructors at their hourly rates for help write, practice, and implement YOUR plan. Available as live-fire or dry-fire only options.

Gear and Maintenance Party

Okay, so you have your gun, now how often should you clean it/ how do you even get it open? Should you get a safe? What kind? What's Kydex? Can you really carry in your bra? Do you REALLY need a belt? I I hate belts...

Come learn to clean and maintain your firearm, and talk all things gun ownership. Consider this a corporate Q&A and community building time to pick our team's brain and answer questions regarding holsters, gear, and any other 2A topics in a relaxed, safe, and memorable environment.

There will be cookies.


Private Instruction

Nothing beats 1 on 1 time with someone who knows what they're talking about.

For new clients, I require a minimum of 2 hours to assess your current level of understanding and confidence, debunk any urban legends you may believe about firearms, and fill in any gaps you might have before hitting the range.


We serve men and women in Anderson, Pickens and Oconee county, SC. Call or email for a free consultation.


Countering the Mass Shooter Threat

This fascinating and practical course is a case study of mass shootings. It systematically reveals what worked, what didn't work, and methodically teaches how to implement what works. 

This course can be easily tailored to your church, business, coffee stand, home. Note that this is NOT a live-fire course, however some shooting skill is beneficial to fully appreciate it all.


Instructor Certification

South Carolina has seen a DRAMATIC rise in first time gun buyers in the last few years. That means there's a great need for excellent firearm instructors. We walk with our Instructor Candidates and help them meet our high standards for certification.

You will gain community, lifelong access to our network of instructors, and encouragement in times when you may need it most. Starting a business is hard- the legal stuff, the marketing stuff, let alone the occupational hazard- and navigating it all in our crazy day. We are here for our people.